The majority of them do not possess an Adze in any way

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The majority of them do not possess an Adze in any way

Postby Molianalex » Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:51 am

Some Questions. So, I am hoping that this has made you think about not just how you meet other folks, but the way you wish to come around to other men and women. Make care to answer all these questions in your way out! When meeting someone new, do you judge them at all, if so, why? If not, why don't you?

Do you alter the way that you look, behave and talk when meeting different men and women? How do you like to come around to other people? Do you attempt to make loads of friends, or are you selective about who belongs on your own Friends List? If you are quite discerning, what makes you decide someone? Thank you for reading.

No way dude black folks can not manage to play RuneScape

The majority of them do not possess an Adze in any way, on account of the other skills necessary to get one and most of them are low levels (approximately 60 - 80) with smart alec attitudes. I've had at least 3 arguments with nubs that believe they're better than me since I do not put on my 99 cape around 24/7. I understand I can not talk I have 99 fletching, but that I did fletching for cash for quite a while, along with wcing. I stopped at around 96 and a half and then decided I might too add it as a means to trim my already 99 strength. In the end, I believe 99 fm'ing is a pitiful excuse for a 99.

Ok, about 5 minutes ago I was slaying as usual from the kuradel dungeon and I am only beating up a couple of abyssals and I detect two players having a very in depth conversation. Normally I would completely ignore them and keep with my mission but a particular line caught my attention.

"No way dude black folks can not afford to play this match". You know I really couldnt help it I began laughing hysterically! I was laughing so damn hard my balls started hurtin... alright not that hard but u get my point. Normally I steer clear of petty disagreements such as those I mean I normally just let them duke it out before somebody gets called"no life" or something and leaves, but now I was feeling rather bad so I expected in with a gorgeous opening line. That is totally true.

"I'M BLACK AND I PLAY RUNESCAPE! SURPRISE!" For a minute there I believed pure power, such as my balls had grown a couple more inches... That was a good feeling..ooohh the pride... Next thing I know I used to be working towards kuradel with a couple torch bearing, white hooded figures chasing me yelling"lynch him!!" ... ok, okay. . What really happens goes as fallows... I really didnt know if they were serious or if this really was a huge joke forgive me if the fallowing appears silly and unbeliveable but it is the truth.

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