Known Issues


Known Issues

Postby admin » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:59 pm

Here is a list of known issues with the current build:

  • When using the bot in Oracle VM VirtualBox, sometimes the bot will be unable to find some images. Install the Guest Additions for the virtual box to fix this.
  • After running for too long, will sometimes stop working (usually a minimum of a day, but sometimes takes a week or more to happen). Just close/reopen bot to fix. Option coming to auto-relaunch after a certain time period soon.
  • [Fixed in 100.1.0.] If multiple bots need to take control of the mouse at the same time (satellites or entering he3 for trial/const), sometimes they'll fight for control and get struck. I'd recommend timing your satellite harvests to be at least a few minutes apart in each bot to try to minimize this.
  • Holding down a modifier key (shift/alt/control) or a mouse button when the bot takes control to enter he3 or com sats will cause it fail to click right. Workaround: push the key/mouse button you were holding after it lets you move the mouse again.

Please don't post topics regarding issues in the list above, unless you feel that you have information which would be helpful towards resolving those issues.
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