[FAQ] Frequently asked questions


[FAQ] Frequently asked questions

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Q: The bot crashes when first loading game!
A: This is either due to a corrupt .net framework installation, or missing/corrupt Internet Explorer. Please try reinstalling the .net Framework, and reinstall Internet Explorer 11.

Q: Not collecting resources from the warehouse.
A: Make sure your warehouse is in the center of your screen, visible immediately after a refresh, and make sure no other buildings are covering it.

Q: After the bot starts up, it closes the "Dashboard" window, but never moves up to the space base to start instances.
A: Make sure your warehouse is in the center of your screen, visible immediately after a refresh, and make sure no other buildings are covering it.

Q: It's not opening treasure boxes!
A: Open your inventory, click the "Items" filter (tab along the right side of the inventory window), and make sure your treasure boxes are on the first page. If they aren't, just move a few items over to your corp warehouse (planets, scrolls, etc) until the treasure boxes are on page 1. For reliability, it's recommended that you have at least a few slots available behind the treasure boxes on page 1, in case other things appear in your inventory after opening restricted boxes, or spinning the wheel.

Q: The bot selects a bunch of fleets, and then just closes all the windows and starts over again!
A: There are a few possible reasons/solutions for this:
  • Make sure that all the fleets are available to be selected. If some of them are no longer available (either because they were disbanded, killed, renamed, or sent off somewhere else), then the bot won't be able to find them. When it can't find all the fleets listed in the fleet tab, it assumes something went wrong, so it closes the windows and starts over again. Try doing a fleet scan.
  • The fleet names may look different in the supply window than they do when selecting fleets. This will usually happen if you have a hyphen ( - ) in the name, and it's a longer name. In that case, sometimes the supply window will wrap part of the name, and it will be cut off, so the fleet scan will see the name differently than selecting the fleets.
  • If you have a slower connection, slower computer, or are further from the server (general net lag/latency), then the bot could be trying to go too fast. In this case, try increasing the "Fleet Select Delay" in Options (Instance tab).
  • If some of the fleets in your "fleets" list have a very light blue background, sometimes this can interfere with selection. This was more common on older versions of the bot, as the newer versions try to avoid this, however if you somehow have one of these "lighter names", close the bot, delete the "fleets" directory in the "imgs" directory, and do another fleetscan. This should get them all to have dark blue names.
  • Fleets with very similar names will sometimes confuse the bot. Try renaming your fleets so that they have more distinctive names. A method that works quite well is to name them after the commander you're using on them.

Q: When starting an instance, it opens the supply window, and then just closes all windows and sits there doing nothing.
A: Most likely you're out of he3. By default, the bot will stop running instances if you don't have enough he3 to fuel all your fleets. You can change this in options under the "Instance" tab, but if your fleets run out of he3, the bot will no longer be able to send them into instances, and you may start losing ships.

Q: Instance/space base is "empty" after a refresh!
A: Either the ground base/space station hasn't completely finished loading in yet when it tries to go to the next area (or to the instance), OR it's refreshed too quickly.
There are three possible settings you can try for this issue:
  • Options -> Misc. -> Delay After Refresh (increase this number - it's in seconds)
  • Options -> Misc. -> Reconnect Delay (in seconds - increase this number if you get disconnected often)
  • Options -> Instance -> Instance Runs Before Refresh (increase this number if you're fast-farming)

Q: I purchased a registration code, but haven't received an email about it.
A: You can always view and manage all your registration codes at:
If paying by e-check, sometimes Paypal will place a hold on the payment while waiting for funds to clear. If your code hasn't updated on the subscription page with the time purchased, check Paypal to see if the transaction is listed as "Pending". The time you pay for won't start until the payment clears, so you won't lose any time due to this.

Q: I entered my registration code, but it says it could not be verified.
A: Make sure your system date, time, timezone, and Daylight Savings Time settings are correct. If you're sure they're correct, double check your code on the Subscription page. Try removing the code and re-entering it. If it still is not being accepted, please PM me (admin) and I'll make sure it's corrected asap.

Q: Instance/league/etc not working on the weekend (with champions set to run)
A: If you have any of the same fleets selected for both champions and the other types of instance runs, it won't try to run those others in the champion time (on the weekend). The reason being that those fleets may be in use (champions), so the bot would be unable to select them to send into instance/league/restricted/etc. Either use dedicated fleets for champions, or expect to not run the areas the fleets are shared with on weekends.

Q: The bot just sits at a white screen, and the game never loads!
A: A white screen means that the bot is unable to connect to the game for some reason. This is usually caused by a firewall or other security software blocking the bot and preventing network communication, but it could also mean that the game servers are down.
  • Try connecting to the game through Internet Explorer to see if the problem is limited to the bot.
  • Disable all security software temporarily, and test the bot. If this fixes the problem, you will need to add the bot to the "safe list" in your security software when you enable it again.
  • Reset your router.
  • Try opening ports 1863, 443, and 80 in your router and firewall.

Q: I'm getting lots of disconnects and lag!
A: Some routers have issues with the ports the game tries to connect through when in the bot. One user reports that opening the following ports helps disconnect issues: 1863, 443, and 80
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